Turno has really stepped up his game over the past few years, dropping single’s, EP’s and pushing his Time Is Now clothing brand. The results of his hard work have been paying off, he has a busy DJ schedule taking him around the world, his last EP on Mampi Swifts Charge Recordings received widespread acclaim across all the drum and bass sub genre crowds, you still can’t spend a night at a rave without hearing Invaders, the breakout hit from that release, getting played & reloaded at least once… It seems like the timing is now right for him to unleash his debut album Power on Logan D’s Low Down Deep imprint.

We caught up with Turno to find out more about the album & hear what else he’s up to….


The album is now finished, how long has it taken you to complete & was there a thought concept behind the album?

Yes… It’s finally complete! It’s been a roller coaster no doubt, but I’m really happy with the final product!!
It’s been in the works for the last 2 years but this year, or should I say the last 6 months, is where I really pulled the finger out. I wanted to put together a body of work showcasing my skills as an artist, the journey I have come on, and wanted this album to represent where I am in my career musically right now, along with a taste of what’s to come in the future. I’m releasing it in three parts, over the next 2 months.


Did you approach making the album tracks any differently to how you would a single?

Yes, of course. I wanted to make sure I covered every angle, every sub genre. I wanted to step out my comfort zone. I wanted certain artists on there. I wanted to please my current fans and of course gain new ones by going a little deeper than some people might of thought from me.


Where did the title ‘Power’ come from?

Well I love strong words, it has impact , even saying it you feel stronger 🙂

The main reason is it fits in with the format of all my main EPs over the years. Destiny (Subway Sounds), Wisdom (Sweet tooth), Vision (Charge Recs), and now Power. There’s a connection and relevance between them all and I like that.

We hear your collaborations with A.M.C. began after leaving your earplugs at Innovation after you played at one of our gigs. Ice Cold by you 2 was a serious tune! Any other collaborations in the pipeline?

Ha ha! Yes we have put together a show and the response has been crazy!! We have been booked at Origin NYE in Perth, the lineup is ridiculous and we can’t wait to play! In regards to music…. there’s a couple I can’t mention yet, but expect some exciting collabs in 2018!


We notice you’ve been teaching production recently, tell us more about that

I have a teaching programme called ‘Your Time Is Now‘, where students come to my studio and I share my knowledge, critique their work, and help them grow as artists. It’s an amazing feeling helping aspiring artists on their journey. I’m really proud of them all.


Finally you were spotted raving recently at ELROW the huge house event. Any plans to dip your toe into making other genres of music outside of drum & bass?

YES!!! I have already been doing this for years but only really mucking around having fun. I have a House music alias with my good friend, a retired drum and bass MC (lol) Razda, called Second Nature. I have made a couple of crossover hybrid tracks with Harry Shotta, two of which are forthcoming on his next mixtape (out in Nov). 2018 will see me spread my wings even further!


Anything else you’d like to mention?

Part 1 of my album is out worldwide right now!!! A massive thank you to all my fans & supporters… I love you all. As a special thank you from me, I’m pleased to offer you a 10% OFF coupon code for any ‘Time Is Now’ clothing on my site! Simply enter the code InnoIsNow at the checkout


Part 1 of Turno‘s Power album is out now on Low Down Deep Recordings featuring the tracks 1989, Lucifer, Iris & BMT featuring MC Kombo. You can find Turno online on these pages…