Over the course of the past year we have booked all your favourite DJ’s to play at our events, including at our UK tour dates & clubbing holidays in Amsterdam, Andorra & Spain. With the help of some of our most dedicated drum and bass fans, who have attended & listened back through all our event CD packs & live streams from the past 12 months, we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Innovation DJ sets of 2016-2017, so in no particular order…


TC at Innovation In The Sun: TC played the Castle Rave at last summer’s Innovation In The Sun event, and as always he brought a breath of fresh air to the weeks proceedings, mixing up dnb styles, flavours & the odd exclusive bootleg to get the crowd buzzing.


Majistrate B2B Logan D at One Dance Festival: The sun was shining, the event was sold out, and the festival DnB tent hosted by Innovation was the busiest at the festival. Majistrate (Sweet Tooth) & Logan D (Low Down Deep) hit the crowds sweet spot with a set packed full of absolute drum and bass bangers.


Andy C at Innovation In The Dam: If you were there then you already know how epic this set was, 2 hours of Andy flinging down tune after tune, taking us on a journey of not just the newest beats but also showcasing some iconic tunes from days gone by live at our huge drum and bass Amsterdam weekender. This man has won more best DJ awards than anyone else in the dnb scene, so it’s no surprise Andy C made the drum and bass set list!


Serum at Innovation In The Sun: Another set from our huge drum and bass event in Spain, we heard both ravers and other DJ’s buzzing about Serums debut at Innovation In The Sun. The perfect combination of the right tunes at the right time, mixed seamlessly.

The Prototypes at Innovation In The Snow: Salute to The Prototypes guys for making this list. The conditions were challenging as the cold temperatures had taken their toll on the equipment, but their talent & tune selection shone through regardless and earned them a place on our top 5 drum and bass sets of 2016-2017.


Catch all these guys & many more playing out at this year’s big summer event from Innovation Events; Innovation In The Sun 2017 see www.innointhesun.com for all the information on this year’s massive clubbing holiday in Spain including the full drum and bass line-up.

Thanks to Nick, Jade & Daniel for helping compile the 2016-2017 top 5 drum and bass set list. Think we missed your favourite set? Leave a comment below.