On Monday we sent a 5 a side football team to represent Innovation against MC IC3‘s Team DNB squad.

Pre-match hopes were high, our artist liaison Alex, Connor who works front of house at our events, and Sam who works our merch stall are all accomplished players, their previous University team were even sponsored by Innovation, we also had the Bar King MC Funsta repping our side.

Much like the England team in this summers World Cup we suffered defeat despite a valiant effort from all involved. What can we say? This time around drum and bass legends Mampi Swift, Grooverider & the rest of IC3’s squad simply got the better of us, proving they’re as formidable at scoring goals as they are on stage at raves!

Mampi took to twitter post match with some tongue in cheek praise for our squad…

Grooverider, also on Twitter, assumed that despite such a savage defeat we wouldn’t be up for a re-match…

Contrary to what Groove thinks we will be back to win back both our pride & a few more goals.

Watch this space… It’s coming home!!