Tape Packs for 2018

The tape pack has been the staple audio diet for ravers since raves first began, a way to relive the experiences of the greatest night of your life from the comfort of your car, the listening point for finding out what your favourite DJ’s are playing, or for learning the lyrics of your top MC.

As the analogue era died out the cassette tape faded from existence, and the CD stepped up to take its place.

We’ve now reached another junction in the way we consume music, when was the last time you purchased a CD? We now live in the age of Apple Music, Spotify & Soundcloud, laptops & cars now have USB slots where CD player once lived. Ever moving with the times & innovating, we have decided to try something new and are releasing a selection of sets from this summers Innovation In The Sun clubbing holiday on a uniquely branded USB stick!

Featuring 17 of your favourite sets from our annual drum and bass getaway, this USB stick contains professional recordings of Basslayerz, Hazard, Hedex, Limited, Mampi Swift, TC, Turno, Tyke, Dillinja, Voltage, Shimon, Subzero, Majistrate, The Prototypes, Upgrade, Ego Trippin & DJ Guv’s set from the incredible Waterpark Party!

Purchase your copy today from our online store, we will also send you a FREE lanyard from the event, including the set time programme (while stocks last).

Listen to what to expect of these recordings by checking this set from Subzero recorded live at the Wavepool Party….

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