Over the past year or so you can’t have missed the name SASASAS on flyers, plastered all over merchandise including t-shirts, caps & hoodies at your local rave, or on stage any any number of big raves across the UK and Europe, here’s our SASASAS interview from Innovation In The Sun 2016.

SASASAS is comprised of six of the Drum & Bass scenes hottest MC’s & DJ’s, Harry Shotta, Skibadee, Shabba D and Stormin bring an unparalleled energy to any show with their high-octane performances backed up by Phantasy and Macky Gee working the decks.

Seeing as the guys are going to be performing at our forthcoming Innovation In The Sun show in Spain & headlining our stage at the huge One Dance Festival in London we thought it was only right we caught up with the guys for a quick chat…

How did the SASASAS concept come together?
We wanted to create something special for an event that was happening at the closing party of a London nightclub so we put together this set of friends and artists, and the response from the set was so good that the guys from Westfest booked us for their massive show in October 2014 and it took off from there.

You’ve been very busy touring over the past year, do you all get along all the time?
This is one of the great things about SaSaSaS. We’re 6 individual drum’n’bass artists that are all mates who come together to create that special energy and vibe. Its just something that happens naturally, not forced or anything. We have all become a tighter team since this SaSaSaS has been born.



What does each member of the team bring to the table?
Vibes, energy, jokes, teamwork, something you just can’t bottle up.

SASASAS are head lining our Innovation In The Sun event & our stage at One Dance Festival what can ravers who’ve never experienced the show expect?
In the sun is the best DnB holiday experience you can have in beautiful weather and last years show was such an amazing one, we can’t wait to get there again. This will be our only DnB holiday show we do as the team, so expect some big vibes there from us. One Dance Festival, in the heart of London, which was completely SOLD OUT last year was another big landmark for DnB, in that it is the only outdoor summer show of its kind. We’ve heard that half the tickets are already sold for this years show and if people don’t buy their tickets now, we feel there will be some very upset people on the day, who wont be able to get in. PS, our guest list is already rammed so we can’t or wont be able to help haha

What are each of you looking forward to most out at Innovation In The Sun?
There is so much happening over there and each of our team have something different going on. There’s Shabba’s Yacht party, that’s gonna be hectic, there’s Harry Shotta’s beach party with IC3 and if you were there last year, you’ll know what an epic day that was. Macky Gee also has a Yacht party and he’s planning some madness for the lucky ones who managed to get a ticket for it…. and finally, MC Skibadee’s waterpark party…. Well, what can we say about that waterpark that hasn’t be said…. its just immense and there’s nothing like it on the planet.. the vibes, the sun, the music, the people, its just such a great show. And most of all, meeting all the Drum & Bass family, the artists, the ravers, all the people that make Innovation In The Sun, unmissable.

You all have solo careers in the drum’n’bass scene, is it hard to juggle being a solo artist & being part of a team?
No, of course not. When you have such a great team like ours, the support is there if were doing solo projects or something which is part of the team. We can’t explain in words but we all feed off each other, we love what we do and that translates to our performances.

Finally what can we expect over the next few months? Any releases, music videos, links ups to watch out for?
Yes, we have plenty coming up. We have our summer season of dates across the country and already our autumn schedule is looking very busy with lots of European shows liked in already. We have music coming out real soon and lots of things happening that we can’t announce yet.