Problem Central have taken the drum and bass scene by storm. After the big announcement that they were forming as the ultimate drum and bass supergroup they’ve captured the imagination of dnb crowds around the globe. Many have compared them to the other D&B group SASASAS.

Problem Central are comprised of four of the dnb scene’s biggest names, MC’s Eksman and Evil B on the mic duties, and DJ’s Logan D and Majistrate. All 4 members bring their own style that together makes Problem Central an essential act you can’t afford to miss! We can’t wait for them to perform live at Innovation In The Dam 2018, our drum and bass weekender in Amsterdam.

We’ve put together a few facts about the Problem Central members to give you a taste behind the history of this drum and bass group…

problem central


DJ Majistrate started mixing in 1989 and producing in 1994. He had residencies on Cyndicut FM, Kool FM as well as shows on Kiss and Rude FM. He has released tracks on Juice Recordings, East Side, Lucky Spin, Brain Records, Urban Takeover, Frontline and Frequency (Ram Records sister label).

Logan D

Logan D has been mixing since he was very young. By the age of 16 he was playing on Kool FM and perfomed on there for nearly 15 years. He established his label Low Down Deep which has been releasing tracks from top flight drum and bass artists for a decade. The label has won awards including second place for Best Label at the Drum and Bass Awards, with first place being taken by Ram Records.


Eksman was born in South London & kicked off his career in 1996. He was voted best newcomer by Knowledge Magazine as well as Accelerated Culture in 2003 when his career skyrocketed. In 2004 he was voted Best Lyrical MC, a title that had previously been clamied by Skibadee year on year.

Evil B

Evil B (aka B Live) comes from North London and has a career that spans both Drum and Bass & Garage genres! He’s won various awards over his career including Best Crowd MC and Lyrical MC. His HBS mixtape has been listened to and shared worldwide with over a million online plays! His music release credits include collaborations with Mind Vortex, Kele Le Roc & Skepta!

Problem Central with all it’s members, Logan D, Majistrate, Eksman and Evil B will be performing at Innovation In The Dam 2018, make sure you’ve got your tickets to see them live on stage in Amsterdam!