Nicky Blackmarket is a constant fixture at Innovation parties, this year he is teaming up with long time sparring partner Fatman D at Innovation In The Dam for their ‘360 Showcase‘. We caught up with Nicky to find out what that was all about and to inquire what else he gets up to in Dam when he’s not DJing…

Tell us about the 360 Showcase, what’s the concept behind it & how did the link with Fatman D come about?

NB. Yessss, the 360 Showcase with Fatman D is a bit of everything, all styles of drum and bass music from across the years. We wanted come with a bit of a different concept for when we are on the road together. First & foremost we are always looking to entertain with the upfront beats, but we also want to educate the youngsters with a bit of jungle history here & there.

You’ve played at every single Innovation In The Dam event over the years, this our 10th year of doing the event, how have you seen it progress over the years?

NB. It’s always great playing there, it progresses every year, Innovation always bring something new to the table each year to keep the ravers happy. It’s a wicked vibe out there, totally unique!   Do you get much time to enjoy Amsterdam while you’re there? If so what do you like to do there when you’re not DJing? NB. I love Amsterdam & Holland in general. I love the shopping over there, I always manage to find something different to what you can get back at home in the UK.

It’s only a short journey to Dam, but as an experienced traveller how do you generally keep yourself amused on flights?

NB. I keep my PSP with me at all times, I currently taking QPR to The Campions League on the FIFA game 🙂   Finally what else is Nicky Blackmarket up to over the next few months? NB. In December me & Fatman D are doing our annual birthday bash which goes off every year. I’m also going back in the studio with Voltage, also hoping to work on some tunes with both Hizzleguy & Alpha…. I’m looking forward to it!!

Catch Nicky Blackmarket & Fatman D doing their ‘360 Showcase’ on the Friday night at Melkweg in Amsterdam. The cut off date for advance tickets for Innovation In The Dam is 4/11/15, get yours today from