MC Competition 2018

Got the skills to perform in the main arena at Innovation In The Sun?

The ever popular Innovation In The Sun MC competition takes place again this summer! If you’re a talented MC trying hard to find your chance to shine this is the event for you!

MC Bellyman will host the drum and bass MC competition that has kick started many careers. Previous year’s winners include (the now very well known!) MC Unknown, who since winning the competition back in 2011 gone on to play stadiums with huge acts like Sigma & Sigala. Another notable winner is MC Tempza who now regularly tours Europe tearing up festivals and performing alongside some of the biggest artists in the scene.

The MC competition winner will be chosen by a panel of star MC’S and DJ’S and will get a chance to perform at one of the night time events and perform at select Innovation events throughout the coming year! You may even get the chance to reach a huge audience in one of Bellyman’s drum & bass MC cypher videos!!

To enter the Innovation In The Sun MC Comp 2018

  1. Record a 5 minute video of you MC’ing, you must include the phrases ‘Innovation In The Sun’ in your lyrics
  2. Upload the video to the Innovation In The Sun 2018 Facebook event page
  3. MC Bellyman will personally choose his favourite finalists to go through to the live final at Innovation In The Sun 2018

This competition is only open to those who are available to attend the final at Innovation In The Sun in Spain on Fri 22nd June 2018


Inno MC competition tips

  • Try and make your recording as clear as possible, avoid rooms with lots of echo, bad mics, and distorted audio.
  • Keep your entry under 5 minutes as detailed above
  • Invite your supporters to the Innovation In The Sun Facebook page and spread the word online, it’s always good to get the Inno crowd behind you too!

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