Innovation Website V2.0 is here!

As you can see we’ve upped our game & upgraded the boring old website for something a bit more innovative (We are Innovation after all!). Make sure you check back and you’ll notice a lot of new cool features as we develop the site with a generally a slicker, more eye pleasing design. The beauty is more than just skin deep…

Regular News Updates We will be posting up regular news and reviews to keep you updated with all that’s going on it the world of Innovation.

Better Shopping Experience (Coming soon) We’ve finally managed to integrate our e-ticket & merchandise into one shop, meaning you can grab your event tickets & new CD packs or t-shirts in the same order. You’ll be able to log into your account to download & print your tickets. The booking system for our clubbing holidays still remains separate but we are working to streamline that over the coming months.

Media Check back regularly for more exclusive pictures & much video content.

New Servers It sounds boring but fingers crossed we will never again have the problems or servers crashing like we had when the In The Sun special events went on sale. We’ve already had these new servers stress tested to handle the large amounts of online traffic we get when certain event tickets go on sale.

Easy To Remember URL Gone is the clunky old .gb.com domain in favour of the new easier to remember InnovationEvents.co.uk 😉

Stuff That Interests You Ultimately we have built this new website for you, we will be sourcing articles that will entertain & be informative. If there’s anything you’d like to see then please let us know, we want you to be more interactive in what we do and we aim to provide you with more of what you want.

Be sure to bookmark the new site, we will have regular updates so check back often to have a look about. Join our newsletter to stay in the loop with all our new features, competitions, reviews, articles, videos & exclusive downloads. Also make sure you’re subscribed to the Innovation podcast either on iTunes or follow us on Mixcloud to be updated as soon as the new episodes go online.