Innovation Records returns as an outlet to supply our fanbase with the music they hear played on the dance floors at our events! To kick things of we’ve drafted in the production skills of both Modified Motion & Supreme Being and they came with 4 killer cuts!

When two behemoths of Drum and Bass production join forces there is only ever going to be one outcome! Modified Motion and Supreme Being EP don’t fail to disappoint. Independently Modified Motion & Supreme Being are responsible for some of the most forward thinking dancefloor sounding releases in the last 5 years, they have now teamed up to bring you this 4 track EP of immense proportions.

Selassie I: Starting with a classic atmospheric Modified Motion and Supreme Being intro which introduces deep orchestral string stabs and a thumping kick drum on the rise, it drops in to a fast paced, energetic stomper with a reggae vocal sample from which the track gets it name. This is an amalgamation of what we know and love from Modified Motion and Supreme Being, energetic, atmospheric and expertly produced.

Sky: With the sound of crickets chirping on a summers evening layered with an electronic beep that rises in pitch and tempo and muted kicks that rise in clarity along with a creepy Sci-Fi vocal sample and then “Boom” you are suddenly thrown into the drop, And oh what a drop it is… Bleeps, blips and atmospherics are carried along by shakers, crisp snares and distorted bass, this track crunches and stomps but it is also beautifully balanced with the sound of shooting stars and the night. Close your eyes and you can literally see the night sky as you listen.

Yellow: Lets just talk about bass for a minute! In fact NO, Lets just listen to bass… because Yellow is all about the bass! It swoops, it swings, it sings, it grabs you by the nuts and makes you listen. Modified Motion and Supreme Being have that rare the ability to produce music that sounds so effortless but is in fact complex, rich and intricate, Yellow is a perfect example of that skill.

Insecticide: Entering the darkness from the off, and showcasing their ability to produce a range styles within the multitude of sub genres that make DnB, this is a slice of pure bone crunching, head rattling Tech! Intricately layered, produced with meticulous attention to detail and with a bass line that claws at your sole, words alone simply cannot do it justice


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