With Innovation In The Sun now only a few days away we are sure that all of you attending are getting pretty excited.
Please make sure all of you attending read the following information in full to make sure the check in procedure runs smoothly & you can get on and enjoy your holiday with minimum amounts of stress.


– On arrival in resort you will first need to check into your hotel. If you have booked your hotel package through Innovation you will need to print and present your hotel voucher when checking in at your hotel.

If you have not seen your hotel voucher in your inbox yet then make sure you check your junk mail folder, or log into your booking where you will find a download link in the comments.

You will need to pay a 50 cash deposit per person when you check-in to the hotel. This will be refunded upon check-out providing there has been no damage caused by your group. This transaction is between you & the hotel, Innovation has no influence over a hotels deposit policy. If there is a problem with your hotel room on check in please make a member of the hotel staff aware as soon as possible.

Collecting rave passes

– Once you are checked in to your hotel your full group should make your way down to Club Colossos to be issued with your club entry wristbands.

–  You will need:

  1.  Your E-Ticket (Rave Pass Customers) / Booking Ref Number (Hotel Package Customers)
  2. A photocopy of the photo page on your passport for each member of your group.

You will be charged €5 per copy for any group member that does not have a copy of their passport. We also accept photocopies of European ID cards.
Please either print e-tickets out, or save to your mobile device.
Not got your e-ticket? You can download from your account by following these instructions

👑 Booked VIP upgrades? Make yourself know & we’ll jump you to the front of the queue

If you were booked and paid in full for your 7 night Silver or Gold package by the 1st April then you will be issued your waterpark tickets at Colossos along with your club entry wristbands (There will be a note in your hotel package account informing you if you qualified for the free wavepool tickets). NOTE: As advertised you will need to purchase a coach ticket in order to get to the event priced at €15, this is to be paid in cash to the people issuing your club entry wristbands.


If you have purchased Yacht Party, Splashdown Waterpark, Beach Party, or Sand Dance tickets you will need to collect these from the merchandise stall at Colossos (Not during the day when we are checking people in). When collecting the daytime event tickets please make sure you have the e-ticket printed or saved on your mobile device for each event so we can scan them, you also need to show some form of ID (Coach travel is included with all Splashdown Waterpark tickets purchased online). Please make sure you collect special event tickets BEFORE THE DAY OF THE EVENT YOU ARE ATTENDING.

☀️ Grab yourself an event programme from the merchandise stall to keep you in the know all week about set times, daytime event meeting times & more 😉

❗Keep an eye on info notices at the merch stall, on our info desk & in the entrance of Dreams Bar to any changes to advertised event times or meeting points. We’ll also post relevant info on our Facebook event page.

Not booked daytime events yet? You can do so below…


If you have booked transfers please be aware the coaches will all be handled by a company called FROM2.
Reps from FROM2 will be in the areas detailed below, they should be wearing yellow t-shirts, and will be carrying a FROM2 sign.
Simply show them your passport so that you may be checked off their list & they will direct you to your waiting coach.

Transfers to resort are by shuttle bus and there may be wait between transfers.
To avoid unnecessary journey length there will be a central drop off point for some hotels which will be within walking distance of your holiday accommodation.


Barcelona Airport has 2 terminals Terminal 2 (B and C). and Terminal 1.

After collecting your luggage exit the carousel area into arrivals and turn to your right, just in front of Catalonia Turisme office you will find a FROM2 representative. They are there to assist people finding our office and transferring people to their buses. If there is no representative visible straight away please wait for a few moments as they may be returning to the terminal from the coach park. Please do not go out to the coach park without first meeting our representative in the airport.

Our office in terminal 1 is by the downstairs exit door and the From2 Office, can be reached by following the sign which shows “Tour Operadors/Tour Operators/Tour Operadores


Your flight may come in to any of the 3 areas at Terminal 2, (A, B, or C).  In the case of arrivals into Terminals 2A and 2C, after collecting your luggage you are to make your way outside the terminal and follow the signs to Terminal 2B. Make your way inside Terminal 2B to the From2 Office, which is found on the left hand side of the escalators in at the departures area of the airport opposite check in desk 90-93, you will be met by one of our representatives at our office. If there is no representative visible straight away please wait at the office for a few moments as they may be returning to the terminal from the transfer coach park.


If you cannot find your representative and the FROM2 office is closed please call +34 93 767 28 36 (This number is ONLY to be used if you cannot find your representative at Barcelona airport upon arrival)

N.B: We cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred if you do not contact the Perla Tours Team on the Emergency Number.


After collecting your luggage please exit baggage reclaim and enter the arrivals area to meet your representative holding a FROM2 sign. Please identify yourself to the representative by showing your Passport. Once you have been checked off on the transfer list you will be directed to the appropriate coach.

If your group is delayed in baggage reclaim one member of your group should enter the arrivals hall to advise the FROM2 representative about the delay whilst leaving the rest of the group to collect all luggage. This is very important as the representative will expect to see your group within 1 hour of your flight landing.

If you have any trouble locating your representative please make your way to the office of Viajes Anubis/FROM2 which is located in the left hand side of the arrivals area, or call +34 93 767 28 36 and follow the instructions. (This number is ONLY to be used if you cannot find your representative at Girona airport upon arrival)

N.B: We cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred if you do not contact the Perla Tours Team on the Emergency Number


All return transfer times will be posted at the entrance to Club Colossos approximately 48 hours before departure. It is VERY IMPORTANT and your sole responsibility to check the list so you are fully aware of your departure time and location. Please be at the stated pick-up location 15 minutes before the time displayed and be aware that due to traffic coaches could run a little early or late. If your coach has not arrived by 15 minutes after the collection time shown please call +34 93 767 28 36 for assistance (This number is ONLY to be used in an emergency when you think your transfer has not arrived)
Do not leave it until the last day to check these times!


If you do not have the hotel package booked with us then the coach transfers will drop you off and collect you from the bus stop at Helios Hotel (Opposite Colossos). Please make sure you check the transfer notices at Colossos 2 days prior to your departure, just in the case that the collection point is changed by the coach company

FROM2 / Perla Tours


Our merchandise stall, located on the left as you walk into the main club area in Colossos, is the spot to collect your daytime event tickets, they will also be stocking the limited edition Innovation In The Sun 2019 Tour T-Shirt, and the event programme lanyards which contain all the set times & info you’ll need through out the week.

If you pre-ordered a t-shirt or set time lanyard before arriving in Spain, quote your name & order number to the staff on the merch stall & they’ll have your order waiting for you 👍

Along with our Facebook event page the merchandise stall is the spot to see to any changes to advertised event times or meeting points (We’ll also post on our info point & at entrance to Dreams Bar).



❗ While it is not mandatory, Innovation does recommend that you have some kind of travel insurance in place before travelling abroad to cover you in case of lost baggage, theft, or in the unfortunate circumstance that you may require medical treatment.

💵 We also advise you put all your valuable belongings in a safe. Most of the hotels will have safe boxes, either in the rooms or at reception, check with the staff on the front desk when you check into your hotel. This may cost extra but it’s less hassle than losing your passport, spending money, smart phone or jewellery. Should you need to change money in resort this can be done with your hotel reception, or at the change buro on the strip opposite Colossos. There are cashpoints a few doors down from the venue if you need more money while in resort.

✈️ Those of you that are not regular flyers be aware that budget airlines such as EasyJet & RyanAir are very strict on the size & weight of your baggage and will charge you extra if you go over your allowance. Make sure your hold & hand luggage bags are within the allocated size & weight allowances stated on their websites.

🇪🇸 Last but not least, it should go without saying, please be respectful to the local people, workers & businesses in Lloret de Mar. Anyone behaving in a way that could endanger themselves or the public, or giving a bad impression of our crowd to our hosts in resort will be excluded from the event.

Innovation In The Sun

Have a safe journey.
We look forward to seeing you all in Lloret de Mar!

Innovation In The Sun HQ

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