TC has been a busy man lately DJing here there and everywhere, he’s also not been slacking in the studio with the recent release of Rep ft. MC Jakes and an imminent new album ‘Unleash The Wolves’ due to drop in May.
This summer see’s him return to play for Innovation out in Spain, we managed to find time in his busy schedule to catch up for a quick fire interview….

Are you happy to be playing back at Innovation In The Sun this summer?
It’s always such a great event to play, the people know all the tunes, it’s always rammed and just sick in there!

Your sets at Colossos always get a great reaction, what sort of tracks can we expect to hear you playing this summer?
I have a tonne of things I have been working on, expect loads of my new tunes from me, my usual few bootlegs of some nice tunes from other genres, and it wouldn’t be right not to throw in some classics that we all love!

Your new track ‘The Light’ is sounding great. Is that typical of what’s coming on your new album?
Thanks so much, yeah pretty much that’s the kind of things that are on the album, It is an album of straight up DnB that you could play out, I really have put my heart and soul into the tunes and every one of them means something to me personally.

How much input do your label 3Beat have in what tracks make the final cut on the album, or do they pretty much leave you to do your thing?
I have been left to do my own thing on this project totally. I fully went in on it trust me!

Finally, what tune sums up Innovation In The Sun for you. Either something that’s gone down well when you’ve played it or heard someone else playing out there?
Wow… There are a lot of tunes that remind me of Innovation, but I would have to say Hazard – Bricks Don’t Roll is pretty much guaranteed a rewind in there 🙂

Can I say a massive big up to all the Innovation Crew and people that reach the events!! I can’t wait to see you all!!! SAFE!!

TC’s album ‘Unleash The Wolves’ is out on 8th July from all good download stores and features tracks with Stylo G, MC Fats, Jakes, Metrik & Armanni Reign

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