When it comes to Innovation In The Sun trust us, the staff at Inno HQ has seen it all. While you’re all enjoying yourselves, getting drunk on cocktails and having the time of your lives, these guys are working hard to keep everything running… That doesn’t mean they don’t get a chance to enjoy the event, if anything it’s essential they get their heads into the party to see what you guys like about the In The Sun experience & what can be improved for next year. So what are the top 5 Innovation In The Sun moments or memories over the years that have put a smile on the faces of the people that spend most of the year thinking about & making this amazing festival become a reality? The First Ever – The very first night, of the first ‘In The Sun’ event will always be special, the energy and excitement was immeasurable… We didn’t know what to expect, the ravers didn’t know what to expect, and when the music fired up in the venue the vibes were electric! The hairs on the back of my neck stood up in full attention!

Foam Parties – Until the first year of Inno In The Sun I’d never been to a foam party, now I make a point to be there for every time! I love that people get dressed up to rave in bikinis & snorkels, it has a real unique vibe to it, something I’ve not experienced anywhere else. When the foam machine starts & you see everyone reaching to get covered in it… It’s brilliant

The Courtyard – What I love about Colossos & In The Sun generally is the courtyard. I’ve met & chatted to so many ravers & artists out there over the years from all walks of life, some have gone on to become good friends, I always see familiar faces that I’ve met in Spain when I’m out and about at other events.

Waterpark – The water park event is always a high point for me but the first one, all I can say is wow! I’m sure the energy, atmosphere and vibes could be felt all the way back in the UK.. definitely one of my best memories!

Crazy Night – Being on stage with Evil B when he was thinking about stage diving into the crowd, seeing him gas himself up to do it, then diving in on top of an inflatable crocodile! The energy levels in the club that night were so high that even I considered a stage dive, although I’m not sure I’m as popular as Evil, I’d have probably gone face first into the floor!!

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