One of our most popular Innovation In The Dam daytime events is taking place again on Sunday 22nd November, the Innovation Podcast will be recorded live at The Bulldog coffee shop to a packed house. Make sure you arrive early to get yourself a good spot. We caught up with DJ Ollie & DJ Phantasy, who will be hosting proceedings, to find out what it’s all about & what we can expect….

There are loads of D&B podcast’s about, but the Innovation Podcast is the only one that we can think of that regularly invites a live audience. Where did the idea come from to do that?

O. There were a couple of factors behind it, firstly over the years in Spain I’d seen L-Double & Uncle Dugs both doing live broadcasts of their 1Xtra & Rinse FM shows from The Dreams Bar and thought I’d love to do that with the Innovation Podcast one day, secondly a few ravers had asked why there wasn’t really a single place for everyone to meet in Amsterdam like we have with the beach bar at Inno In The Sun, the 2 ideas just seemed to come together. We kept it small the 1st time we did it, but it proved to be a popular thing & it just kind of grew from there. P. I have to big up Ollie here because he constantly records the podcast every month and keeps it moving and I come in for the special one off events like In The Sun or In The Dam. I think having a recording in front of an audience is great because you can vibe off the crowd. Last year in Dam, I ended up just walking through the crowd chatting to everyone whilst Ollie played lol 🙂

The podcast is usually hosted in the studio by DJ Ollie, but Phantasy joins in for the live episodes, how did that link up come about? 

OI’m not quite sure to be honest, how did you muscle you’re way onto my gig? P. Haha, you needed help mate, I could see you were struggling hahah, I’m only joking… Ollie and I always have a proper laugh together and I think Lloyd might of mentioned us doing a radio show together would be be funny, so I called Ollie and said we should do it abroad as a special one off which had a great response and led to it happening more frequently. We just do it for Dam and Spain now to keep it special. For me, it’s the people there that make it special. I’d rather run it as a radio show, just playing tracks and talking but Ollie prefers to showcase his mixing skills…. lol

For people who have never witnessed the Innovation podcast live, what can they expect?

O. Good vibes! Last year was brilliant, The Bulldog is one of Amsterdams biggest & most famous coffee shops and it was great to see it rammed out full of Innovation ravers from all over the world, alongside whichever artists decide to pop their head in (I think Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket & Shabba were floating about last year). Music wise, me & Phantasy just vibe off the crowd. Of course it’s Amsterdam, it’s a coffee shop so you got the smokers, you got the drinkers, everyone’s up dancing, it’s real good fun. P. Yeha last year was nuts! I think I lost my voice last year through all the smoke. This year we’ll be doing it a little different so make sure you’re down there nice and early to join us.

Last year you had MC’s Skibadee & Stormin as special guests, got any big names passing through The Bulldog this year?

O. I’m not sure we can reveal anything just yet, we’d rather save the surprise for all the people that actually make the effort to come down and enjoy it live. P. Yeah, Ollie’s right, we like to give the people who turn up a special treat when special guests turn up to perform. Of course we’ll have some stuff to give away as well, Tee’s/CD’s etc… One year we actually had a ‘1 Leg Skanking’ competition which this young lady won, she was brilliant and it was all a great laugh. What better place to be, drink, smoke and listen to DnB… Heaven!

Innovation Podcast Ep72 by Innovation on Mixcloud

We all hear what you both say on the mic, but what sort of off air banter do you both have when the microphone is turned off?

O. Most of what we say isn’t repeatable. Phantasy likes to try & teach me how to mix while I’m mixing. Nothing is scripted & there’s no pre-planned playlists so there’s also a lot of “Have you played this tune yet” type questions. P. Haha, I’m not necessarily trying to teach him how to mix, more just trying to show him all the cool tricks the decks can do, whilst pretending I’m a former DMC Champion ahaha… But as Ollie said, we defiantly couldn’t air some of what’s said although we do have a great video of Ollie and Brutas dancing with a couple of blow up dolls, that was hilarious 🙂

Of course you’re both gonna be playing on the main club nights at Inno In the Dam, what can we expect from you both?

O. I’ll be playing the main room at Melkweg on the Sunday night, as always expect me to cover the full spectrum of D&B. Also you catch me in room 2 on the Friday night playing a more jungle type selection. P. Ollie was planning to do a ‘nude stage dive’ but Lloyd put a stop to that!! You can catch me alongside Stormin, Jammer (BBK) & Ghetts doing a special showcase on Friday, and on Saturday it’s the full SaSaSaS team in the house, for what is sure to be pure fire! The most important thing to expect from Ollie and myself is that we will be there enjoying the event with you, having a laugh and making sure you all have as great as an experience as were having.

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We kick things off in The Bulldog on Leidseplein (5 minutes walk from Melkweg) at 13:45 on Sunday 22nd November, and remember it’s FREE ENTRY it will be busy so get there early to get a good spot for the Innovation in the Dam podcast.