For those of you unaware of the legacy that DJ SS has had on this scene over the years I’m going to try and write a brief summary for you… DJ SS has been one of the foundation D&B missionaries for years now, spreading the gospel to all corners of the globe. His World Of Drum & Bass brand has become a force to be reckoned with across the USA & Russia, his label Formation Records was the first to catapult artists such as like Hazard, Original Sin & Subzero (as G-Dub), and Twisted Individual into the limelight. Production wise SS was behind some of the prototype jungle anthems like Lighter, Black, and the Whitney Huston sampling classic Hearing Is Believing. Fully schooled up? Then let’s continue…

We caught up with DJ SS yesterday to find out what he’s been up to & to let you know what to expect of his set at Innovation In the Sun…

As someone who travels a lot how do you see the state of D&B in other parts of the World?
Drum and Bass is a style that has strong foundations. You can see a lot of different events and festivals happening everywhere in the world. Solid production is also coming from everywhere so we must respect that and adapt to the D&B scene worldwide.

Do you have any travel tips that the Innovation ravers should remember on their way to Innovation In The Sun?
Come prepared, be safe and enjoy the Innovation In The Sun experience as this is what it’s all about.

You performed at In The Sun, In The Dam & our NYE events in 2015, are you looking forward to coming back to Spain this summer?
Innovation In The Sun is something special. I am always looking forward to performing and getting a chance to hang out with my longtime friends.

What can we expect from your set, any hot tracks in your sets at the minute?
Exclusive material from DJ SS and Formation Records. I’ve been deep in the studio, I always aim to play different selection from the rest so I stand out from the crowd.


You of course are responsible for some huge D&B anthems, have you been in the studio much lately?
I am non-stop in the studio man. I have 3 albums worth of material. Music has never stopped being part of my life and I have always been dedicated to it. the last few years I have been more focused on my tours and events around the world but I have a lot of music ready to smash it. I have been more focused on the spiritual part of life and this is what I want to mix and present with my music at the moment.


Finally what’s next for DJ SS over the rest of 2016?
My new EP alongside MC Warren G is going to be released at my label Formation Records on 24th June, just before we all fly out to Spain. Then expect a huge album with more than 15 tunes called “Formation Drum & Bass Sounds Of The Summer”. It will be featuring most of the artists from our camp and compiled by me. Also expect Back To The Rollers EP, Critical Impact & DJ SS EP, Greenlaw Album, 25 years of Formation project, co-lab projects with High Roll, and a track for Technique Recordings.

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