DJ Hype is a man who needs no introduction! One of the original foundation DJ’s of this scene, the man behind Ganja Records & of course the mighty Playaz imprint.

His A&R skills can’t be questioned having over the years signed the likes of Zinc, Hazard, Original Sin, Potential Badboy, Taxman, Prolix, Sub Zero, and Annix to his various labels. Hype is primarily known for his DJ skills, his studio output in recent years has been a bit quiet, but we thought we’d take a dig through 5 of the hypest tracks to have come out of DJ Hypes studio…

Shot In The Dark

With 2 classics under his belt already, Exorcist & The Bee (under The Scientist alias), DJ Hype was already a name to watch for vinyl buyers in the early 90’s, but in 1993 & 94 he had a string of releases & remixes on Suburban Base Records, which along with Moving Shadow & XL, was one of the biggest labels in the scene at the time!

Tracks such as Shot In The Dark, Roll The Beats, The Trooper, Dub Plate Fever, Weird Energy, and his huge remix of R.I.P by Remarc propelled DJ Hype to D&B stardom

Peace Love and Unity

1996 saw the debut release on True Playaz, and what better way to kick off a brand new label than with this monster? Featuring the vocal talents of MC Fats, Peace Love and Unity still sounds as fresh as the day it came out… Some even say Sigma’s Rudeboy track is a straight rip off of this classic!! Do you hear any similarities?

Once Again

This is one of my favourite DJ Hype tracks, taken from the Playaz Style EP in 2001. This EP also features a great downbeat track titled Help Me, which features some of DJ Hypes trademark scratching and was no doubt made around the same time as he was experimenting with sounds, either as part of the Ganja Kru collective (with Zinc & Pascal), or under his Naughty alias… I love to hear producers showing this sort of versatility

Dubplate Killa

2004 saw the release of the Dubplate Killaz album on Ganja Records. This track was the star of the show, a collaboration with J Majik, Wickaman & Daddy Earl… Not bad considering some of the other tracks on there; Shimons remix of You Must Think First, Hazards Enuff Is Enuff VIP, Majistrate’s amazing remix of Original Foundation, and Warn Ya by Ebony Dusters (Shy FX & T Power)

Buss Off

Bringing things pretty much up to date, Hype teamed up with Annix & MC Eksman for this certified banger! So big it even made it onto the track list of our Innovation Drum & Bass Anthems compilation album!!

Once again, as with our focus on Shimon’s back catalogue, 5 tracks is not enough to sum up the body of work that DJ Hype has released over the years. It’s a shame a lot of my favourite tracks of his aren’t available on Spotify for me to add to this list!!

Freestyles Of Bass, Tiger Style, Computerised Cops, Dopestyle on Ganja Records, his remixes of Blue Flowers by Dr Octagon, Hitman for Marvellous Cain, Hello Lover for Fallen Angels, plus his tracks as part of The Ganja Kru are all worth discovering if you’ve never heard them.

DJ Hype will be performing at Innovation In The Sun this summer in Benidorm. Visit the event website to find out more & to book your tickets…