Every summer London comes alive for one weekend with people from all over the world visiting our historic city for one reason…. To party!
Over the weekend over a million party people will be hitting Notting Hill Carnival, the UK’s biggest FREE party. Of course there is the parade route with floats that you see on TV all the time, but the true carnival happens with the 100’s of sound systems that take over the streets on Notting Hill’s areas of Ladbrooke Grove, Westbourne Park & Bayswater. The low rumbling sound of basslines, the smell of food & being part of something that big has to be experienced first hand.


As you can imagine there are 100’s of club events taking place around the rest of the Capital over the bank holiday weekend for whatever genre of music you can think of. Of course we at Innovation always have a presence on London’s most vibrant party weekend, our annual Innovation D&B Carnival parties have been selling out for over a decade now and our event on 27th August at Fire is looking to be no exception!

Due to the sheer amount of parties on over the weekend, we are running this event as a ‘Payback‘ party, with tickets on sale currently at just £10 (although there aren’t many left at this cheap price so hurry & get yours), BUT do not for one minute think this is a budget party, far from it… We have put together Back to Back combinations of your favourite DJ’s & MC’s to rock the party

Innovation Drum and Bass Carnival

Purchase tickets for this event from our online store https://innovationevents.co.uk/shop/tickets/drum-n-bass-carnival/

If you are travelling from outside of London for the weekend we’d recommend sorting your accommodation sooner rather than later as the city will be busy. While public transport links to Vauxhall, near Fire, should not be effected on 27th August there will be restrictions in place if you are heading to carnival the next day so plan your route ahead. On arrival at the venue please have your e-ticket ready to scan so we can get you all in as quickly as possible, alternatively if you have purchased one of our exclusive D&B Carnival B2B Payback t-shirts remember you get FREE entry if you’re wearing it so make sure you don’t have a jacket covering it so we can waive you through.


Check out the area for the Notting Hill Carnival in the map below. Be sure to visit the infamous CMC Matrix D&B stage on All Saints Road on the Sunday & Monday, there’s always few familiar faces hanging out by the bass bins!!