Our Amsterdam weekender is nearly here!

Innovation In The Dam is just over a month way now and at Innovation HQ we couldn’t be more excited for In The Dam 2018, the team has really pulled out all the stops to make this year’s drum and bass raving Amsterdam weekender something special.

…we’ll be trucking over our huge sound system once again!

We’re proud to announce not only Andy C, Hazard, Guv, Harry Shotta, Bassman and over 100 other acts but also an exclusive first live performance in Amsterdam from drum and bass supergroup Problem Central (made up of Logan D, Majistrate, Eksman and Evil B).

On top of that we’ve got a live PA from MBeat and Topcat in the Jungle arena for our oldskool jungle lovers young and old! On Saturday daytime we set sail in Amsterdam with the full Basslayerz team on the biggest drum and bass boat party in the world, then on Sunday we have our regular meetup at a brand new venue… Barneys, the legendary coffee shop in the heart of Amsterdam.

Needless to say this is the Amsterdam weekender for all the real drum and bass lovers out there, a chance to witness some of the biggest names in the scene and explore one of the best cities in the world. So make sure you’ve got your weekender tickets, flights (boats/cars/coaches/trains!) and hotels ready for your stay in Amsterdam, we’ll be trucking over our huge sound system once again to push it to the limits in our two huge superclub venues Melkweg and The Box. For those that have been before you know what to expect, to anyone that hasn’t brace yourself for the trip of a lifetime! You can see all the information and ticket links on www.innointhedam.com

Already got your tickets for Amsterdam? We’ve got something new coming for 2019, Innovation On The Slopes, a drum and bass weekender in the mountains where you can ski/snowboard by day and rave by night.

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