So you’ve booked your tickets for Innovation In The Dam, but we know you’re coming to Amsterdam for more than just the incredible weekend of drum & bass, you also want to soak up (or smoke up) some of the local culture. Amsterdam is world renowned for its relaxed attitude to both drugs & prostitution, while we’re not even going to attempt a conversation about how to behave with the ladies that work in the Red Light District (it would be too awkward for everyone involved), we can give you a quick run down about coffeeshop etiquette for those of you that may never have visited one before…

DO ask: If there’s anything your not sure about, from the weed selections available on the menu, to the methods of payment accepted, simply ask, the people behind the counter are quite helpful & know what they’re talking about.

DON’T smoke tobacco: While you are permitted to smoke other herbals in licensed coffeeshops, Holland, like the UK, has a no smoking policy on tobacco. Some coffeeshops have dedicated smoking areas for you to smoke cigarettes, other provide a herbal mix to add to your joints in place of tobacco.

DO move around: There are so many different coffeeshops in Amsterdam each with their own vibe, decor and musical preference. Try a few different establishments until you find one that you feel most comfortable in.

DON’T expect to buy alcohol: Only a handful of coffeeshops are licensed to sell alcohol as well as weed, so if you don’t smoke, but are tagging along with mates who do, then maybe find one of the larger chain coffeeshops so you can enjoy a beer while they get their smoke on.

DO buy more than weed: While you don’t have to buy weed at each coffeeshop you visit, it is frowned upon if you sit down to smoke but don’t buy anything. Most will sell coffee, hot chocolate & a range of soft drinks.

DON’T go crazy: There is a limit to how much product each coffeeshop is allowed to sell you, and also how much you are legally allowed to carry on you. Coffeeshop owners in Amsterdam are limited to selling 5gms of marijuana to each person, per day. While you can move to the next coffeeshop & buy another 5gms be aware the most you can carry (or have stashed back at your hotel) is 500gms. Also if you are planning to bring weed into the clubs at night, you will not be allowed to bring pre-rolled joints & only personal amounts (check with each venue to find out their limit).

DO know your limits: If you can’t handle you high then don’t smoke too much. No establishment wants to clean up after you if you can’t hold it down

DON’T forget: The effects of cannabis can be a lot stronger when eating it instead of smoking it, bare that in mind before eating those space cakes on offer. Remember you also came to Amsterdam to rave, not sleep off the effects in your hotel!


Of course there is more to Amsterdam than coffeeshops, the city is packed full of sights to see, culture, art, museums and music. We’d Maybe plan ahead to pack as much into your weekend as you can?

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