Many of you are currently trying to decide whether to come to our drum and bass weekender in Amsterdam this coming November, so we thought we’d put together 5 reason why you may wish to part with your hard earned cash to come & have fun with us. Remember that the earlier you book your flights the cheaper they will be, also you can book accommodation to suit all budgets via our partners at EasyToBook so it can be done on a budget….


1. They Understand You
If you don’t speak any Dutch, fear not, most people in Amsterdam speak English so from the minute you land at Schipol airport, to getting to your accommodation you shouldn’t have any communication problems. This isn’t so helpful for those of you coming from countries where you don’t speak English, but then I guess you probably won’t be able to read or understand this article either 🙂



2. The Red Light District
This is one of Amsterdam’s most famous and most unique tourist sites. Whatever your opinion is on women being displayed for sale in windows, it’s something you won’t see anywhere else, and the district is definitely worth a peek. Just remember – pictures are strictly forbidden, and your camera will be confiscated if you don’t keep it stowed away.



3. Stroopwaffles
Two deliciously sweet waffle-esque wafers with an even sweeter caramel-like “stroop” (aka syrup) in the middle. Admittedly it’s not a huge reason but it’s something we always look forward to when heading out to Amsterdam.



4. Coffee Shops
How can we not mention the infamous coffee shops? There’s something unique about being in a place that has long had a liberal soft drug policy. Whether it’s your scene or not, it’s still cool. If you’re going to indulge, head to one of the city’s many coffee shops, where buying and smoking marijuana is legal. Don’t forget we will be hosting the Innovation Podcast live from The Bulldog (Amsterdam’s biggest coffee shop) on Sunday 27th November. Check out Timeout’s guide to the best coffeeshops



5. Drums And Bass
Of course we imagine if you are reading this then you are already thinking about coming to Innovation In The Dam, well stop thinking & start doing!
Over 3 nights we have all your favorite artist playing at 2 of Amsterdam’s most amazing clubs, The Melkweg and the enormous Box venue. Add to the mix an exclusive boat party during the day on the Saturday hosted by Majistrate’s Sweet Tooth label & a free daytime session at The Bulldog hosted by Phantasy, DJ Ollie & special guests. Head over to the event minisite for full information & to book your tickets.



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