Amsterdam is a great city to visit any time of year, but with our Dam Spring Break D&B weekender coming up on 23rd & 24th March we thought we tempt you with 3 more reasons to visit one of our favourite cities at this time of year….


1. It’s not too busy

Peak tourist season is during July & August, but we think the ideal time to visit the city is in Spring. During the summer months the city is full of visitors (more so than usual), which means you may pay more for accommodation and find the attractions around the city are more crowded.


2. The weather is nice

Statistically, late March & April is the driest time of the year in Amsterdam, while the air may still be a bit crisp in the shade, generally the sun is usually shining so pack your sunglasses!


3. We have a new venue

We are using a venue that we’ve never used before, we all know how good the Melkweg is, but come experience a whole new vibe on the Saturday night at the Westerunie club! The pictures look amazing, come and be part of this brand new chapter for the Innovation Dam Spring Break weekender experience!!!


Just over a month until we fly out to Amsterdam, check out the Dam Spring Break event mini site for all the info & to secure tickets, hopefully you can join us