As you are probably aware, our annual Innovation In the Dam weekend is taking place again this coming November in Amsterdam. We know a lot of you have been before, but for those that may have not & are considering if this is or isn’t your thing, we decided to give you 3 reasons why you should attend this year….

1. Chase & Status: You may have some preconceived ideas about these guys, but don’t forget they were the driving force behind the untouchable, Redbull Culture Clash winning, Rebel Sound! What they don’t know about slaying dancefloors doesn’t need to be known. Of course they are just part of the all star line up we have in store for you across the 3 nights at Melkweg & The Box clubs, if you love drum & bass we’re sure there will be a few artists on there that do it for you.

2. The Boat Party: We have done boat parties in the past out in Amsterdam, but this year we are hosting out biggest ever daytime boat party event!! We have a 600 capacity pleasure cruiser ready to ferry you into the North Sea estuary for a supper sized rave on the waves. As you’d expect we will be loading the boat with extra sound & your favourite DJ’s & MC’s.

3. It’s In Amsterdam: Goes without saying really!! Amsterdam is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. Their mix of culture and open minded attitude to sex & drugs makes for a city experience unlike any other in the world. When you’re not raving, go tour the shops, museums, coffee shops & infamous red light district.

For full info visit You will be able to find all the links you need in order to get yourselves to Amsterdam, finding a hotel, and booking your club tickets.