Coming to one of our forthcoming clubbing events, Dam Spring Break, or Innovation In The Sun? Here are a few travel tips to help you along on your journey….


  1. Check Your Passport: Check right now that your passport hasn’t expired. Last thing you want is to find out you can’t travel 2 days before you leave. It can take a few weeks to renew your passport, especially during the busy summer months.


  1. Go Paperless On The Plane: It can be annoying having to keep getting your passport & boarding card out your bag. Instead why not download the app for the airline you booked with? You can check in online & download a digital boarding card to your mobile device… Just be sure to make sure your mobile has enough battery to last the journey!


  1. Bring A Multi Plug: We all have so many electronic devices that need charging these days. Instead of travelling with 5 different euro converter plugs, just bring 1 & a multi plug so you can charge several devices at once.


Have any other tips to add? Help your fellow ravers out buy leaving them tips in the Facebook event page for Innovation In The Sun. Book today to any of our drum and bass clubbing holidays